RARE BEAUTY CALENDARS does not simply 'expose' talent and businesses. We do not blindly or solely rely only on print marketing. We understand the value of marketing down instead or marketing out; creating rapport with our sponsors and looking at each business as if it were our own. In what ways and how would 'we' (your business) want to be advertised? What would matter the most to you? Cost? Quality? Growth? 


Rare Beauty Calendars helps our sponsors gain all of the above. We keep our costs low so we may work with a wide array of businesses with a variety of different marketing budgets. Rare Beauty Calendars are oversized and high quality. Each calendar is over a foot in height with a weight that lets you know the pages are durable and are able to withstand years of use. I say, 'years of use' because even after the printed year, given the size and design, Rare Beauty Calendars can still be appreciated the same as a poster, as each page focuses on showcasing the models. 


Phoenix's Premier Swimsuit Calendar

The name, RARE BEAUTY CALENDARS, may sound new; and that's because it is, although the name is new, the business has been growing and succeeding these past few years, starting in 2012 and launching in 2013.


In 2013, local modeling liason Richard Baldwin founded an over-sized quality, sexy and classy swimsuit models calendar which featured both local talent and local businesses large and small. Formerly, Rare Beauty Calendars was known as 7th Heaven Calendars. However, we are very pleased that the 2015 edition will be the pioneering edition for Rare Beauty Calendars as a brand! 


As a brand name, Rare Beauty Calendars reflects what we, as a publication like to celebrate: Rare, Unique and Natural Beauty! With the name 7th Heaven Calendars, we didn't feel that message could be communicated as clearly as with the new name. Since the re-brand we have received a tremendously positive response from our sponsors, models and fans. We here at Rare Beauty Calendars couldn't be more excited for the 2015 year with all the new models, new merchandise and new sponsors!! We appreciate all of your support and love, if you have any questons or suggestions please fill in the contact form and we will be in contact as soon as possible.



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