Cassie Loza

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Get To Know cassie

RBC = Rare Beauty Calendars

CL = Cassie Loza


RBC: What is your favorite thing about AZ?

CL: How the women match the weather... HOT! 

RBC: Do you like Dogs or Cats? Own either?

CL: Dogs for sure! My chiweenie is my ride or die! 

RBC: What is your favorite quote?

CL: "Stalked by demons but guarded by angels."

RBC: What's the worst pickup line you've ever heard?

CL: "You remind me of my pinky toe.... you're small, cute, and I'm probably going to bang you on my coffee table later."

RBC: What's your favorite book or magazine?

CL: The Bible or The Four Agreements. Favorite magazine would be U.S Ink Magazine! My first publication!

RBC: What is your biggest weakness when finding someone attractive?

CL: Making me laugh, being goal oriented, and good hygiene! 

RBC: What's your favorite thing about modeling in a swimsuit?

CL: The amount of clothes I don't have to wear! Duh! 

RBC: What's your favorite genre of music?

CL: Love love love all my dubstep, edm, and house music! 

RBC: If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would you want to meet?

CL: Margot Robbie! <3

RBC: If you could have any one super power, what would you choose?

CL: Teleportation because I'm usually late and super busy... you know like pull one of those black holes from your back pocket and jump through to the next photoshoot! 

RBC: If you could end any one problem that plagues society, what would you fix?

CL: Bullies and any type of abuse. 

RBC: What's your biggest turnoff?

CL: Rude, disrespectful, and fake people.

RBC: Have you traveled? Where?

CL: I have traveled all over The States but have yet to venture to other Countries... Soon though! 

RBC: What celebrety would you say is overrated?

CL: Celebrities are suppose to be overrated right??... but I don't get all the hype about Zac Efron... sorry Zac! 

RBC: Celebrity Crush?

CL: Johnny Depp, Johnny Knoxville, and most importantly Dane Cook

RBC: Favorite day of the week? Why?

CL: Fri-Yay! I mean Friday...Who doesn't love the weekend? 

RBC: What advice would you give a girl just starting out in modeling?

CL: Trust your instincts and always keep your guard up! 

RBC: What's your favorite smell?

CL: That sweet sticky green! Or guys cologne.

RBC: Favorite taste?

CL: I love to chew ice! Does that count? 

RBC: If you could only eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

CL: Breakfast all day! I love breakfast food! Having a big bowl of cereal is my favorite! 





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