Rare Beauty Calendars takes great pride in giving back to the community. As such, we have organized our Annual Rare Beauty Toy Drive that has been able to give children who may not otherwise receive gifts a beautiful holiday season. 

In the past we have given Toys to organizations such as Quest To Cure, Sunshine Acres Orphanage, UMOM but in 2015 decided to give the donations directly to Starshine Academy in Phoenix, AZ. While we loved giving to other organizations, we were never able to hand the toys directly to the families and children and thus felt something was missing in our efforts to give back, the joy of seeing the smiling faces of the kids receiving the toys. 

Starshine Academy welcomed Rare Beauty Calendars and the Rare Beauty Toy Drive with loving and open arms. The admisitration has worked with us to arrange dates (over the years) to give the Toy Donations to their Kindergarten - 2nd Grade directly. 

Starshine Academy is an accredited 501c3 Charity Organization and prior to Rare Beauty Toy Drive were not receiving any holiday donations. The administrators explained some of the children never had toys and some have a hard time getting one meal per day. When hearing this, we wanted to make a commitment to return each year and give these children a sense of hope and love from their community so they know, that although they may be living through difficult times as youngsters, the World loves them and has not forgotten about them. 



In 2010 Richard Baldwin, Owner of Rare Beauty Calendars, started UNIQ Toy Drive. Later continued on as Rare Beauty Toy Drive. The 2010 Toy Drive resulted in raising enough toys for 50 families suffering from Sickle Cell Anemia (donations made to Quest To Cure) and enough money to donate hundreds of gift cards to Sunshine Acres Orphanage, which assisted in giving kids gift cards for field trip lunches! 

 Toy Donation Gift Ideas 

 Infants: Receiving blankets, bottles, diapers, bath  items infant toys, etc. 

 Toddlers: Developmental toys, cardboard books,  sippy cups, etc. 

 Teenagers: $10-$20 Gift Cards, movie passes, CD  players, hand held games, trendy jewelry, sporting  goods, cosmetics, etc. 

 Adults: $10-$20 Gift Cards, hair care/hygiene  items, cosmetics, shaving kits, bedding, etc.