RARE BEAUTY 3D Stitched Poka dot Hat
  • RARE BEAUTY 3D Stitched Poka dot Hat

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    RARE BEAUTY Hats are not like other branded hats. Whereas most brands create thousands of pieces of the same designed hat, Rare Beauty Calendars is going against the grain in order to truly create a Rare brand that takes pride in it's exclusivity and rarety. Anyone can go buy a Nike hat and see the same hat all across the Globe. With a Rare Beauty Hat, you'll love the fact that less than 10 of any Rare Beauty designed hats will be made, some may be the only one ever produced. 


    * There are only 4 Baby Blue Poka Dot RARE BEAUTY 3D Heavy Stitched Hats made. There are 6 billion people on Earth, be 1 of 4 people to own this Limited Edition RARE BEAUTY Hat.

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