The Return of Acura's Rarest Beauty ACURA NSX 2015

Written by Richard Baldwin


It's just plain sexy, but as someone who has driven the rarest and finest of automobiles: Ferrari Spider, Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin's, Rolls Royce's and more, I'm very intrigued at the New Acura NSX! In 2007-08, I sold cars for Lexus. During that time it was mandatory I review and memorize all the specs of competitor automobile manufacturers, such as Acura. Although Acura has personally always caught my eye, with their sleek, clean and stylish designs I've always walked away with the impression that Acura's are gutless cars. They're there to look the part but lets say in a moment of buffoonery, you decide to rev your engine at a stop light as an open invitation to anyone aside you to hit the gas and race, well let's just say if you're in an Acura that's not the NSX, you better be racing a 4 cylinder banger if you want to speed away the victor!

In 2005 the Acura NSX was completely erased from the auto market, since then, fans have been voicing their opinions that Acura must return the classy and sexy supercar. 2015 is the first year that has promised the return of a legend. Originally, the NSX had performance issues regarding weight distribution and handling. So it's only natural that we wonder whether the new NSX will live up to that poor performance evaluation, or will engineers take the market by storm offering us both 'style' and 'performance'?

When Honda global CEO, Takanabu Ito was asked by Motor Trend whether the NSX's faults would be corrected, Mr. Takanabu responded eevasively, "I hope it is better than the first car's". Currently, Acura is boasting the new NSX, will have V-8 like performance with better fuel economy than most 4 cylinders.

It's rumored, Acura will be releasing the new NSX as early as 2015 even though it was originally expected to be released no sooner than 2016. The new NSX will be equipped with a mid-mounted V6 engine, including titanium connecting rods afixed to a wet twin clutch seven-speed transmission. With electric motors driving the real wheels and separate electric motors driving the front wheels the 2015 NSX is said to provide better torque-vectoring during acceleration and braking, making the new NSX a dream to handle around the trickiest of corners and turns.

Once the 2015 Acura NSX hits the market it will be handsomely priced at a base $130,000.00. Regardless of the price tag and performance issues, it can be said that the Acura NSX 2015 is a RARE BEAUTY!

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