Rare Beauty Calendars & Murphy's Law Zombie Bikini Contest

Murphy's Law Irish Pub is a local bar located in downton Chandler. They are very quaint, with patron's photos and bills plastered across the walls. The bar has an authentic Irish feel and so doing events with Murphy's Law is exteremly satisfying, as guests get hyped and roudy, unlike guests of that at a nightclub.

For the past few years Murphy's Law hosted a Zombie Bikini Contest open to the public, but given that they were a featured sponsor in our 2014 calendar edition, Murphy's Law decided to treat their guests with a guaranteed knock-out contest with Rare Beauties dressed the 'Walking Dead' part. The night of the event we dressed the outside of Murphy's Law with a booth filled with images of the models and Rare Beauty apparel. (Sponsored by Identiees Unlimited) Inside was packed with eager guests, excited to see Rare Beauty Zombies.

To warm the crowd up there was a local band feeding the crowd with cover hits and personality. Once the models were all bloodied up and gored out, the contest started. There were three rounds. In the first round each model stood up on the stage and was introduced to the crowd as the announcer tickled the crowd with humor and interesting facts of each model.

Murphy's Law organized the contest with judges who remained impartial. In addition they had it setup for the contest to be decided partially by crowd applause, therefore the second round was designed to spotlight each model. While on stage, each model was asked fun questions designed to show the crowd their personality. Who was going to be crowned the winner, at this point we had no idea but as you can see below the crowd was sure hyped up!

Once each girl had their time on stage, the second round was concluded by widdling down the contestants to the top 4 who would be competing in the final round. During the final round each model zombie was given time to strut her stuff down the small stage and answer a few more questions, hopefully gaining favor with the crowd.

When the time came to pick the winner, the judges were betwixt, they were absolutely delighted about each contestant in the final round that picking who should be named First was a challenge. Ultimately though a winner was chosen and crowned. The winner was local Rare Beauty and fitness competitor, Deidre Hernandez. For winning Deidre was given a $300 check and the title of Murphy's Law and Irish Pub's Sexiest Bikini Zombie! Second place winner was Courtney Foutch, who was awarded a few hundred dollars on a Murphy's Law gift card for her to enjoy with friends and family at a later date.

Utimately, the evenings events were a great success. It was a pleasure to meet fans who purchased tank tops and tee shirts, as-well-as showed plenty of love for 2015's Rare Beauties.

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