One of the Rarest and Most Expensive Watches Ever Made

Written by Richard Baldwin

If you've ever wondered how much it would cost to have the world on your wrist... It's around $4.02 million dollars. This 'Rare Beauty' aka Patek Philippe 1939 Platinum World Time Watch is not only beautiful but also one of the most complicated and eligant watches ever made. Clad in 18k Gold and equipped with the time in 42 different time zones the Patek Philippe 1939 is like none other. The design is sheer perfection, any horophile would swoon at the opportunity to wear such a rare time keeper. One rotating rng has 24 different cities inscribed in it whilst another rotating ring displays 24-hour markers. Although the watch may appear confusing upon first glance, the local time can be read by the standard hour and minute hand.

This specific watch was sold in 2002 by Antiquorum auctioneers for just over $4 million.

Patek Philippe & Co. was founded in 1839 and in 1868 it is widely believed, Patek Philippe was the first ever to manufacture a wrist watch.

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