Shooting March 2015 in Rare Beauty Calendars 2015-16 with Sarah

Every year for the past decade and beyond Buddy Stubbs Harley Davidson has hosted a Bike Bash during Bike Week. For the past four or so years Buddy Stubbs has trusted me to coordinate their swimsuit contest, for this major event. In past years, prior to re-branding to Rare Beauty Calendars, Buddy Stubbs had passed on advertising with the calendar, despite our working relationship at least once-a-year. Now that the decision had been made to re-brand to a new, more positive name; Buddy Stubbs Harley Davidson made the decision to join the calendar team by allowing us to shoot with one of their one-of-a-kind motorcycles!

The day we had set to shoot, ended up being absolutely beautiful. There was no threat of rain or any severe wind so going into it I had a great feeling! Seeing as I had worked with Buddy Stubbs for a few years leading up to this day, I arrived first, I'm sure because Chad (resident photographer) and Sarah (Miss March) had yet to be introduced to Buddy Stubbs Harley Davidson. While I waited for the team's arrival I talked with Phillip, Buddy Stubbs long time Marketing Director, we walked through their massive dealership where he showed me their Harley Davidson Motorcycle Museum.

Leading up to the shoot Phillip and I decided the photo shoot would be on, or around their authentic Evel Knievel motorcycle! Before we arrived, Phillip had their detail department shine the bike up and place it outdoors where we would be shooting.

Sarah arrived next, which is not very typical for models, but you'll never hear me complain about that. Anyhow, she was looking Rare and Beautiful and as we walked through the dealership to our shoot location, heads turned and voices were hushed. I took this as a good sign as casting can be quiet grueling each year.

Sarah had a great attitude and it was nice to see she had a genuine passion for Harley Davidson's. When Chad arrived shortly after her, he quickly set up a few lights and positioned Sarah under some shade, so as to control the lighting better and spare the models skin. Working with Chad is great because he gets my vision and works well with direction. When you have this type of relationship with a photographer, it makes an entire days work so much easier. As Chad fires his Canon, I'm off scene coaching Sarah through her posses.

I look around us as the photo shoot continues on and every so often you see which mechanics are brave enough to walk by quickly, gaining a quick glimpse of this Rare Beauty photoshoot. Who can blame them though? Sarah was rocking it in a sophisticated black bikini made and sponsored by Collections by Collins, so the on-lookers truly couldn't help themselves.

After firing off a few hundred shots and capturing some video feed of our day, we decided to call it a wrap! Knowing that we, Rare Beauty Calendars, was blessed to shoot with a genuine Harley used by Evel Knievel, one of history's biggest dare devil, left us all feeling exilerated and excited for a new Rare and Beautiful year!

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